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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Then and Now – Fifty Years Apart

After 50 years apart, my wife gets to return to her birthplace – Hong Kong. But how much will have changed, and will we be able to find any traces of the past?

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So Long, Hong Kong

All holidays come to an end, and today is our last chance to enjoy what must be the most vibrant and exciting place on the planet, Hong Kong. It’s going to feel an odd sort of a day…

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The Dragon’s Back

Today was our last full day in Hong Kong, so we decided to explore outside the city. It’s incredible to think that a twenty minute bus ride away from the skyscrapers, you can find lush tropical jungle, rugged mountain peaks, and stunning views of remote, unspoilt coastline.

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Back From the Future – Mount Kellett, Hong Kong

Today is the day we return in search of where my wife was born, fifty years ago at the British Military Hospital on Mount Kellett, Hong Kong Island. But what, if anything, will we find there?

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Android Apps for Hong Kong Travellers

So many apps to choose from, about Hong Kong! But which of them are any good?

With several months in between booking our trip and travelling, I’ve had the opportunity to download and try a great many of them. What’s listed here is the handful I eventually decided upon taking, along with a verdict on how useful (or not!) they are proving to be while abroad.

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Smartphone culture in Hong Kong

This place is amazing! EVERYONE has got a smartphone! How can I be so sure? – because everyone has their phone in their hand, all the time!

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