This place is amazing! EVERYONE has got a smartphone! How can I be so sure? – because everyone has their phone in their hand, all the time!

It doesn’t matter if they’re walking in the street, travelling on public transport, or sitting down relaxing, the smartphone is ever-present. Either held in front of them, so they are oblivious to their surroundings, or just carried in the hand when not being used.

Back in the UK it would be a foolish thing to do, lest some spotty youth on a BMX rides past and swiftly relieves you of it. So it’s a good measure of how safe this city feels. Safe enough for me to take the PIN off my phone for a while (although I’ve got my spare in the hotel safe, and remote wipe enabled in Android Device Manager).

I’ve noticed that larger devices seem to be the most popular choice, with Galaxy Notes very much in evidence compared to Galaxy S series phones. Wearables don’t appear to have caught on yet though, with Galaxy Gear watches absent even from some of the many Samsung stores around the city.

Internet access in the city is excellent. I bought myself a tourist SIM from the 1010 outlet in the arrivals hall at the airport. HK$218, for 5GB of data, 100MB of roaming data in Macau and mainland China, and free local phone calls. I seem to have a 4G signal pretty much everywhere we go, plus the hotel offers fast, free Wi Fi.