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Twenty Years On – A Postcard from Ephesus

With nobody making travel plans for the foreseeable future, I thought it might be entertaining to re-post some of the earliest travels from our blog. By coincidence, it’s exactly twenty years this month since my very first post about a family holiday in Turkey. Very different times, with no social media, and having to take your roll of film to the chemists to get it developed and printed! So, with some minor edits and re-scanned photos, please enjoy this blast from the past…

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Antalya, Southern Turkey

Another excellent holiday in Turkey!

After a thoroughly enjoyable holiday at the Ephesus Princess a couple of years earlier, we returned to Turkey at the end of October 2002. We stayed at the Hotel Kaya Belek near Antalya for the last week of their summer season.

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A Postcard from Ephesus

Holiday photos from the Hotel Ephesus Princess, Kusadasi. Our first holiday in Turkey, way back in 2000, with trips to the ancient city of Ephesus, the spa pools of Pamukkale, and the markets of Kusadasi.

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