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Hong Kong Then and Now – Fifty Years Apart

After 50 years apart, my wife gets to return to her birthplace – Hong Kong. But how much will have changed, and will we be able to find any traces of the past?

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So Long, Hong Kong

All holidays come to an end, and today is our last chance to enjoy what must be the most vibrant and exciting place on the planet, Hong Kong. It’s going to feel an odd sort of a day…

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Made in Hong Kong

Day Five. My wife was born in Hong Kong while her parents were out here many years ago attached to the military. Having just celebrated a significant birthday, this trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to return to the place of her birth.

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On Top of the World in Hong Kong

Day Four, and we moved from HK Island to Kowloon on the mainland side of the harbour. Partly a convenience so we could visit some locations more easily on the Kowloon side, and partly for a different perspective and views.

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