Shopping for souvenirs around Agra this morning, then the late afternoon Gatimaan express train back to New Delhi.

We braved a few of the emporiums across the road from the hotel, in the hope of bagging some suitable souvenirs to take back home with us. A little marble Taj Mahal as a memento, obviously, and for a neighbour who looks after the house while we’re away, a gift pack of Indian spices. My heart was really set on a marble ‘white elephant’, inlaid with semi-precious stones copying the Pietra Dura style of decoration we had seen used on the Taj and other monuments. Some bartering with the shopkeeper, with feigned interest in going for a much smaller cheaper one instead, and we eventually agreed an acceptable price for my rather unique birthday present!

My Marble 'White Elephant', Pietra Dura style
My Marble ‘White Elephant’, Pietra Dura style

All shopped out, we had time for a last lunch at the hotel, and one more of their wonderful cocktails!

More cocktails in the hotel. I think these were 'Shirley Temples'
More cocktails in the hotel. I think these were ‘Shirley Temples’

We had arranged a late 3pm checkout with our hotel, at no extra charge, then another hotel car for the few miles journey across town to Agra Cantt station. Our tickets this time were in ‘CC’ or Chair Class again, with all of the included hospitality. It turns out that the Gatimaan Express is the prestige train to take between Delhi and Agra. Early morning from Delhi Nizamuddin station to Agra Cantt, where it spends the entire day on its own dedicated platform. Then the late afternoon return from Agra to Delhi, where it remains overnight. Service onboard was even better than our previous chair class express, with smartly uniformed cabin crew, and food and drink presentation better than many airlines can manage!

Waiting to board the Gatimaan Express, on platform 6
Waiting to board the Gatimaan Express, on platform 6

Tomorrow, our last day in Delhi.