A Jeep Safari today, into Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore is one of a handful of areas where the magnificent Bengal Tiger is preserved and protected.

We booked our safari in advance online, via the enquiry form on the National Park website. They put us in touch with Harry at Tour My India, and the whole booking process was very smooth. Our shared jeep arrived on time as planned at the hotel, and off we went – six passengers, a driver and our guide.

The Jeep was able to negotiate much tougher terrain than the larger Canter vans which seat I think 18 people, so the trip soon became a bit of a white-knuckle ride searching for any signs of tigers! Nothing but deer and other wildlife for most of the day, and we were beginning to think our luck had run out. Then late in the afternoon our first sighting of a young male on a distant ridge, visible through my binoculars but too far for the camera. Happy, we started our return journey. Within ten minutes, another sighting had been reported so we converged on the area. An older male, sleeping on the ground maybe only 100 metres ahead of our position!

Two tigers in one day – so lucky!

Tomorrow, a long day travelling from Ranthambore indirectly to Agra.