A thunderstruck bank holiday weekend, with storms, morris dancers, and a quaint thatched-roof village.

With only a couple of nights to spare, we rocked up at our campsite around lunchtime on Saturday. Location: Sutton on Sea, a few miles North of Skegness, and infinitely quieter than the main resort. An hour or so getting pitched and putting up the awning, then off out exploring the local area. But as we drove out towards Mablethorpe, the skies were darkening. It wasn’t long before the Heavens opened (or maybe it was Hell unleashed?). We drove back quickly to the caravan through rain, hail, and fierce lightning strikes. One of the longest and loudest thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced, and all within the confines of an exposed caravan with two neurotic greyhounds. Such a relief then, when we got a temporary reprieve in the storm maybe four hours later that evening – all of the other dog owners on the site hurriedly taking their dogs out to perform the inevitable!

Sunday however was much better. In the morning we travelled a couple of miles to Huttoft Beach – a long expanse of sandy beach, dog-friendly so we could let them off to run freely. A few minutes drive further took us into Chapel St Leonards, with its handful of souvenir shops selling knick knacks, and one selling all manner of handbags, leather goods and luggage. Shame they didn’t take bank cards, or they could have made a good sale with the holiday mood I was in! Then in the afternoon, a few miles inland to a village we had passed through on our journey – Alford. It’s a linear village on the A-road, but ever so pretty with thatched rooves on many of the older properties. It just so happened that the village had organised an event for the weekend. Several groups of Morris Dancers were doing their stuff, alongside many craft / food / charity stalls.

We finished off our weekend with a meal at the Sea Breeze restaurant in Sutton on Sea. I have to admit I had low expectations, thinking it would be little more than a glorified chip shop, but how wrong I was! Brilliant service, a good menu, and quality food. A thoroughly enjoyable evening out, and somewhere I would gladly recommend to others.

Monday saw the inevitable packing away ready for our journey home. But the new inflatable awning is SO easy to deal with – pull a few plugs, roll it all up and stow it away! Here’s to our next time back out on the road!