Our annual coach trip to London, this time to see ‘Matilda The Musical’ at the Cambridge Theatre in Covent Garden.

Every year, the trip organised by Tiffany’s Aunt never fails to delight! We did suffer from a slight delay in setting off (as the coach depot had been broken into and several vehicles vandalised overnight), and the traffic in London was absolutely horrendous due it seems to one small unattended roadworks on Kilburn High Road. Several miles of traffic backed up for well over an hour, but completely clear once we got past it onto Maida Vale. Still, it knocked our plans back considerably. A quick phone call to the restaurant as soon as we were dropped at Marble Arch, to hastily rearrange our lunch reservation, followed by a short underground journey to Covent Garden.

RossoPomodoro, Covent Garden
RossoPomodoro, Covent Garden

RossoPomodoro is part of a small chain of maybe half a dozen or so Italian restaurants, mainly around London. Or should I say Neapolitan, as they specialise in the dishes found in Naples. Pizzas and Pasta featured heavily on the menu of course, with lots of choices available. A good, varied wine list too – we enjoyed their Montepulciano. The restaurant was already incredibly busy by the time we arrived, which is always a good sign and perhaps says more about a place than any review can. Unpretentious and affordable (for London), with lovely food and a good level of service.

Matilda The Musical, Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden
Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden

Matilda the Musical was all we have come to expect from London shows. A very polished performance, and innovative set design. I have to admit that unlike other musicals we’ve seen, I wasn’t familiar with the story of Matilda. However it’s an easy plot to latch on to, and the stage version has some very pantomime-like qualities about it, with different levels of humour to appeal to both adults and children.

After the show, time was pressing so once again we were obliged to take the tube. Although a restaurant and a show is an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a full afternoon, the downside of the trip is simply how stressful it can be moving around in London at this time of year. Pavements impossibly crowded with shoppers and sightseers, long queues for tickets in the underground, and travellers packed like sardines into tube trains. I’m clearly not cut out for Big City Living, and it’s always a pleasure to get back to our relative provincial tranquility!