My Father passed away recently due to old age and ill health. The funeral ceremony yesterday went according to plan, with no traumas, and a beautiful piece of music to finish. But today, back home and on my own, I’ve been turning the wine into tears.

I’ll always remember something my Dad did for me many years ago; something which will remind me of him every day.

Many people would be able to picture him as a good old-fashioned engineer. He was always taking things to bits to find out how they worked, and always fixing things in his garage. But I also like to think of him as a great teacher. Not the teacher you would find in a school, but a teacher nevertheless.

When I was little he taught me about magnets, and batteries, and light bulbs. He taught me about the mysterious forces which interconnected all three. When I was older he taught me how engines work, why planes can fly, and what happens inside a television.

That enthusiasm inspired my own life-long interest in technology. He gave me a robust foundation of practical skills. Skills which I still draw upon every day in my own job.

So although he’s no longer around to answer my questions about how things work, I think his influence still carries on. There will always be a part of him inside of me, and in everything I do.

Thank you Dad. I’ll never forget.