Another excellent coach trip to London, organised by Tiffany’s Aunt. This time we had booked tickets for “The Phantom of the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

We walked the full length of the hotels and shops on Piccadilly, including a good look round Fortnum & Masons. How much is the price tag on that?… Don’t think we’ll be going back there again!

Cool Britannia must be the largest souvenir shop I’ve ever seen! Two floors of Union Jacks and Cool Brit on every possible object you can imagine (and a few you probably can’t).
T-shirts, fridge magnets, underpants. I’m sure you get the picture!

Stuart in Piccadilly Circus. What's with the hidden messages? Am I getting fat?
Stuart in Piccadilly Circus. What’s with the hidden messages? Am I getting fat?

After some shopping, we went for a meal at the Spaghetti House, on Haymarket. A small chain of half a dozen or so Italian restaurants around London, with Italian staff and a real ‘family business’ feel. A leisurely couple of hours for a meal washed down with a nice carafe of Montepulciano, and then next door to Her Majesty’s for the show.

‘Phantom’ was an incredible production, with some amazingly slick scenery changes going on at a rapid pace. I’ve found myself mindlessly humming the tunes at work all of this week – I think its called an ‘earworm’ when that happens. Definitely one to watch if you get the chance!