Boxing Day is traditionally a time for looking after those less fortunate than ourselves. Perfect, then, that the Retired Greyhound Trust should choose today for their Christmas Dog Walk!
I chanced across the event while I was listening to Alan Clifford on BBC Radio Nottingham the other day. The Retired Greyhound Trust operate a sanctuary at Sutton on Trent, off the A1 just a few miles north of Newark. Alan invited listeners to come along on Boxing Day, bringing their own greyhounds and/or borrowing one of the sanctuary’s greyhounds, to take a walk with the dogs around the surrounding countryside for about an hour.
We took Pippa, our Lurcher cross, and borrowed a couple of the dogs from the sanctuary – Bertie, recently retired from racing, in white with black spots; and Janie, even smaller than Pippa, with an unknown history but ever so cute! Bertie was immaculately behaved throughout, walking to heel on a leash. Janie, however, was determined to be the first to complete the walk, and pulled Charlotte around the walk in a record time!